Through AgrAbility Unlimited, farmers, their families and agricultural workers will continue to enjoy their way of life. The program seeks ways to overcome disabilities through:

  • A toll-free information and referral hotline
  • Networking with local agricultural and rehabilitation professionals
  • Community Resource Coordination
  • Equipment Modification Information
  • Job Restructuring
  • Alternative Job Development

AgrAbility offers:

  • Comprehensive Assistance to farmers, farm workers, and their families who have any form of disability.
  • Individualized Services aimed to increase self-sufficiency and independence.

AgrAbility assists with:

  • On-Site assessments to determine adaptive requirements
  • Equipment/Worksite Modification and Consultation
  • Job Task Restructuring
  • Agricultural Occupation Alternatives
  • Stress Management Referral
  • One-to-One Peer Support Network
  • Safety/Secondary Injury Awareness

Agrability Brochure 2016

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