Meet Josh Mathias

Josh Mathias Impact Story Tennessee Agrability

“You wouldn’t believe it! A guy in a wheelchair showed up at the house and gave me an electric scooter… can you believe it!” – Josh Mathias

Josh Mathias is a local teen who was struggling with mobility around his family’s farm. As an active young boy, he wanted to have the ability to move more freely to participate in his daily activities outside.

It wasn’t long until Josh was connected with the AgrAbility of Tennessee & 4-H Teams, who were able to refer him to Illinois AgrAbility Unlimited. Immediately upon learning about Josh, Chip Petrea, our Client Services Manager sprung into action to help support Josh and his family. Chip and the AgrAbility Unlimited team was able to take some time learning about Josh’s challenges on the farm to make sure the best support possible would be provided for him. The team was eventually able to assist with the purchase of a scooter for Josh.

This scooter gave Josh the flexible mobility he needed to continue all his beloved outdoor activities and keep him the active, young teen that he is. The AgrAbility Unlimited team is happy to have had the opportunity to support Josh and his family on their farming journey.

We are happy to have partnered with the following AgrAbility teams and sponsors on this project: