Meet Jerry Tibbs 

Jerry Tibbs, AgrAbility Unlimited Client

“The assistance from AgrAbility Unlimited has provided me with items I needed in order to continue with my preferred life.” 

– Jerry, Mason County, Illinois farmer

Jerry and Linda Tibbs of Mason County, Illinois were raising a herd of 40 Boer goats when Jerry went in for heart surgery in 2012. During the surgery, Jerry had complications, resulting in amputations on both legs below the knee. This left Jerry with some obvious challenges in continuing his work on the farm.

During his recovery, he was fitted with prosthetics and went to physical therapy to improve his day to day mobility and healing process. Although this allowed Jerry the ability to walk, it was still difficult for him to use steps, particularly on his four Super H tractors.

Jerry was discouraged, but he wanted to find a way to continue farming. This is when he learned about and contacted Illinois AgrAbility Unlimited for help. Because his Super H tractors required Jerry to access the operator’s seat from the rear, Jerry needed additional steps that would cover the axle to provide safer entry and exit making it easier to access.

AgrAbility Unlimited consulted with Jerry to learn about his disability and what type of stair access would best support him in order to keep him farming. After the AgrAbility team and Jerry worked together to come up with a plan, AgrAbility was able to assist Jerry with partial funding for a set of steps for each tractor on his farm that allowed him the accessibility he needed.

As a result of AgrAbility Unlimited’s support, Jerry continues to recover and develop solutions that helps him to continue farm.