AgrAbility Unlimited of Illinois is proud to announce Trevor Irwin as the Ambassador of the Month for October 2018!

AgrAbility Ambassadors are volunteers throughout the state of Illinois who work to help share the mission of the organization with the community and the support it can provide for local farmers.


About Trevor

Trevor is the Ambassador of Lawrence County, and has been an ambassador for several years in multiple counties. Trevor recently found a potential client for the organization, but the good news is that when Trevor checked back with this farmer to provide the support they needed – the farmer had made a sufficient recovery from his health issue to enable him to get back to a normal life. And so, the farmer didn’t need our help!

Jim Williams, AgrAbility IL’s Field Coordinator said, “I consider this a huge success story, because we’re available to help when there’s a need – but we are certainly happy when the need disappears as well. So we thank Trevor for his effort and his great work.”

Trevor recently shared, “My grandfather was a lifelong farmer that worried about if he could get into the tractor each spring. What I now know about AgrAbility, I think of him when I tell someone else with those fears about not able to continue their way of life and know that he would be proud there is a program that allows farmers/ranchers to overcome disabilities while doing their agricultural career pursuit.”

What do you enjoy most about being an AgrAbility IL Ambassador?
I enjoy interacting with farmers/ranchers and the general public to let them know about the program and how it can help a farmer/rancher and their families continue with their agricultural career.

What has been your favorite moment as an AgrAbility ambassador?
When I am able to discuss the program with a farmer, who then calls me back to say he/she would like more information and help.

AgrAbility’s Mission Statement is: A program of the University of Illinois Extension, in collaboration with Illinois Assistive Technology Program and the Community Health Partnership, AgrAbility Unlimited of Illinois promotes independence in agriculture to farmers with disabilities and their families.”