AgrAbility Unlimited of Illinois is proud to announce Guy Mattson as the Ambassador of the Month for November 2018!

AgrAbility Ambassadors are volunteers throughout the state of Illinois who work to help share the mission of the organization with the community and the support it can provide for local farmers.

About Guy

Guy has been a dedicated member of the AgrAbility IL Ambassador Team representing Tazewell County for several years. He is the CED at the Tazewell County Farm Service Agency Office, which he believes is “a great place to be in order to learn of a farmer’s needs for assistance.”

Guy recently said, In the many years that I have assisted AgrAbility and Jim Williams, I have learned so much more about the group and how many ways AgrAbility can help a farmer.  There are so many more ways other than the obvious disability handicap that can be seen with the eye.” He enjoys the ability to offer the services of AgrAbility to potentially help farmers continue their career in farming.

Something Guy enjoys most about being an AgrAbility Ambassador is “the opportunity to help farmers/people who may need assistance with something in order to make their farming operation go smoother.”

What has been your favorite moment as An AgrAbility Ambassador? 

“My favorite moment has been whenever I am approached by someone that suggests they may know someone who is in need of assistance through AgrAbility – whether it be physical, emotional, etc.”


AgrAbility’s Mission Statement is: “A program of the University of Illinois Extension, in collaboration with Illinois Assistive Technology Program and the Community Health Partnership, AgrAbility Unlimited of Illinois promotes independence in agriculture to farmers with disabilities and their families.”

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